The History of the Newfoundland Dog


The Newfoundland is a breed of dogs from Newfoundland island, in Canada. They have long-hair and various colours (black, brown and black and white). They also have a waterproof hair, because they love water. It is a gentle dog and a friendly and faithfull friend, always ready to help when they are needed specially in the water.
In the countries of english language, they are known as Newfoundland or Newfies. The country of origino f the breed is uncertain, but they were used for Works in the Newfoundland island in the beginning of 1000 A.D. The Newfoundland dog was used for rescues in the water or pull something out.
In our days, most of them, have theirdescent on dog named Siki, that lived in the decade of 1920. The Newfies are very kind and peaceful dogs. The description of na amercian dog club is “the kindness is a trace in their character; that is the most important quality of this breed”. They are always very friendly for the children.